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Two ordinary guys who don't take themselves too seriously

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"A scientist, an engineer, and an attorney walk into a bar."_Albert Citron

With design, marketing, and SEO skills; Albert witnessed the horror that was Jimmy's law firm's website. A charbroiled monstrosity with white lettering whose elements moved around in an awkward dance begging viewers for a swift end. He understood that the user interface was equally important to pulling in users and so began an iterative redesign meant to make the user experience more enjoyable. We had an intern once, but he picked a bad shade of green... and was last seen running towards the mountains of Florida crying.

When not coding CSS or scheming of ways to exploit his favorite video games, Albert helps manage a family business pushing its way into the alcohol distribution industry.

He envisions the creation of more useful features that would draw in more users for this and other websites slated for future design. Obtaining profit by providing great value to attorneys is his goal for this venture. So far Jimmy has failed to convince him that explosion graphics in the margins would be pretty cool.

It clearly does.

"But I don't drink." _Jimmy Davis

Possessing the artistic or design ability of a drunk buffalo in a paint factory, Jimmy's talents lend themselves readily to the back end of this (or any) website. With nearly his entire life programming in one form or another, the logic required to make this website does what needed to be done came easily. But if you saw the initial design... oy vey! One attorney who previewed the website had a seizure and nearly sued the business into oblivion.

When not running a law firm or programming this site, Jimmy works on a variety of other projects or binge watches television series on Netflix. Every once in a while he gets some time to play a quick video game or watch a movie.

He envisions a series of websites that interact with each other in a way that will streamline the practice of law, assist our courts in disposing cases more efficiently, and bridging access to justice for those among us who cannot afford an attorney. This site is a work in progress, and he hopes all attorneys will be as excited about its future potential as he is.

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