Landlord-Tenant Party Information

Generate a pro se landlord-tenant security deposit complaint for free!

Our goal here is to allow you, the attorney, to generate a pro se tenant'(s') complaint against the landlord for the return of a security deposit under Florida state law. This demo is sui for use in a legal aid consulting scenario when you are uninterested in taking on the case.

The form will guide you through a series of important questions similar in style to what you would experience as a subscriber. The difference being that your signature would be appended to the bottom of the complaint instead of the address of the tenant.

What's to stop you from cutting and pasting the results into your own word processor and changing the signature? Nothing except your sense of fairness and professionalism.

Identifying the landlord(s)

It is extremely important that you, the attorney, identify the actual landlord that owns the property. Check with the property appraiser's website in the particular county within which the property may be found. The Plaintiff(s) must be the property owners. If they are not then you have no standing to bring this action.

Enter the landlord(s) name(s):
Enter the landlord(s) street address:
Enter the landlord(s) city, state and zipcode:
Enter the landlord(s) phone number:
Enter the landlord(s) email address:

Identifying the tenant(s)

Identifying the tenants is also crucial. Minor children are not tenants. DO NOT INCLUDE THEM. Adults not on the lease are tenants if they ever paid the landlord rent (say with a personal check in their name) and the landlord accepted the rent. Adults not on the lease who have never paid rent are occupants whose rights rise and fall with the tenants. They have no standing and should be listed on any documents as "all occupants in possession." Adults on the lease are all tenants and should be listed here.

Enter the tenant(s) name(s):
Enter the tenant(s) street address:
Enter the tenant(s) city, state and zipcode:
Enter the tenant(s) phone number:
Enter the tenant(s) email address:
What County is the disputed property located in:
What Judicial Circuit is the disputed property located in:
Enter the tenant(s) new mailing address (ie: where the tenant(s) moved to.):
Enter the tenant(s) new mailing city, state, zip (ie: where the tenant(s) moved to.):

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