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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is eLegal Software Solutions?

eLegal Software Solutions ("eLSS") is a privately held company whose focus is on highly focused website design catering to small niche audiences. The flagship website and landing page is elegalsoftware.com which was designed to help Florida attorneys generate common legal documents swiftly. We like to think of her as a virtual paralegal and look forward to seeing her expand her skillset and assist more attorneys as time goes on.

Who started elegal Software Solutions?

Hey now, let's save that for the "About eSLL" page or we'll have nothing to talk about on the "About eLSS" page. You understand, it's all about content.

Where is eLegal Software Solutions located?

Well, technically you are where eSLL is located... on the internet. Where we develop eSLL varies. Sometimes we spend all day (or evening) at a restaurant destroying their supply of caffeinated beverages. Sometimes we develop at a consulting law firm. Sometimes we develop at home offices. Laptops are great things. But if you absolutely need to know a physical location where we can be reached: Deltona or Marathon, Florida are good places. See our contact us page.

What future services does eLegal Software Solutions envision developing?

That is up in the air really. But as we focus on our flagship website we frequently envision other similar products that can help people in related industries. For example our eLSS attorney page does not store client information, but a call center for other service providers (such as a specialty pharmacy) might benefit from the efficiency we strive to introduce into our designs. Stay tuned.

Are you open to suggestions or consultations?

Sure thing. In fact we would like to have a consulting attorney in each substantive area of law. What are the perks, you ask? Free access to your area of law and the gratitude of the Profession for your contribution. Where do I sign up, you ask next? Shoot us an email, let's talk. Also, if you spot a mistake we always appreciate a heads up. There is only so much we can cover at once.

This site is amazing! How can I support you?

Glad you think so. First things first, you should subscribe. The paltry subscription amount helps us defray the costs of hosting. As we grow we would like to hire a support programmer to tighten the code up. Finally, any amount of caffeinated drink would be great. Send diet versions to our Deltona address (the wife is concerned about his waistline) and non-diets can be shipped to Marathon (he can eat and drink everything).

Can we get you to speak at our event?

Um... yes? Although unless you are an attorney group or a programming group your guests stand a statistically significant chance of suffering from mortal boredom.

Will you sell this website to me/us?

NEVER! Although for 100 trillion dollars we would probably think hard about it.

© 2015 eLegal Software Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. All materials generated on this site is for general information purposes only. The information is not legal advice and is not to acted on as such. The information may not be current and is subject to change without notice. Use of this software does not create an attorney-client relationship between the user and eLegal Software Solutions, Inc. or any attorney or non-attorney working thereon. No warranty expressed or implied is given to users.
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